Celebrating 30+ years of Interfaith Harmony

Who We Are

Photo: NAINConnect 2012-Atlanta, Georgia

We Support:

A coalition model of cooperative interaction based on serving the needs and promoting the aspirations of member organizations, including local interfaith groups, inter-religious bodies, single faith with Interfaith Offices, Academic, study centers and media bodies.

Executive Committee

Chair: Alan Scott Bachman, Jewish, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable
Vice Chair (Chair-Elect): Gilbert (Budd) Friend-Jones, United Church of Christ, FaithBridge
Secretary: Len Gierach, Eckankar, Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action
Treasurer: Rachael Watcher, Wiccan, Covenant of the Goddess
​Previous Chair: Brian Farr, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable

Directors - Elected by Members (Four-year Term) 2016 - 2020:

Alan Scott Bachman, Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable; Hector Acero-Ferrer, Scarboro Foreign Missions; Len Gierach, Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action; and Lynda Tronto, ​​Mancitoba Multifaith Council

Directors - Elected by Members (Four-year Term) 2018 - 2022:

Budd Friend-Jones,FaithBridge; Elias Gonzalez; Maneck Bhujwala, Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America; Kameelah Luqman; Drea Parker, Interfaith Winston-Salem; and Virginia Sharek

Directors - Appointed by Board (Two-year Term) 2018-2020:

James Shelton Nalley;  and Elaine Caldwell Emmi, Bloomington Interfaith Alliance

Board Committee Members:

Board Development/Nominations: Rob Hankinson, United Church of Canada, Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action and Bettina Gray, Christian, CreativeFilms Media
Communications: Drea Parker, Faeries, Interfaith Winston-Salem 
Finance Committee Co-Chair: Len Gierach, Eckankar, Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action
Membership Chair: Drea Parker, Faeries, Interfaith Winston-Salem
Membership Committee Member: Len Gierach, Eckankar, Edmonton Interfaith Centre for Education and Action
Programs Chair: Lynda Trono, United Church of Canada, Mancitoba Multifaith Council
Young Adult Committee Chair: James Shelton Nalley (Chair) Roman Catholic, affiliated with Georgetown University
Young Adult Committee Member: Hector Acero-Ferrer, Scarboro Foreign Missions
Additional Board Members: 
Manuel Sonora-Macía
​Kameelah Luqman
Tarunjit Batalia

Honorary Members:

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